Focused on the details

Justin Lamoureux is the sweat behind Rainy Day Forge.

-VP of the Manitoba Blacksmith Guild

-Instructor: Introduction to Knife Making (ManIRON 2021)

-Completed: Forged, Jason Knight's The Elemental Knife

-Cohost Canada's #1 Blacksmithing podcast, Forge Side Chats.

  • Jason Knight Course

    Forged in Fire Judge (Season 3-4) Jason Knight offers bladesmithing classes. Successfully completing The Elemental Knife.

  • Forge Side Chat

    Chatting with other blacksmiths and bladesmiths from across the country about what I love. Bonus, I provide our guests a podium to share their stories.

  • Instructor : ManIRON2021

    Make sure that the spine of the forged knife is straight by locking it into a vice and then align the edge with gentle taps.