• Jambette Friction Folder

    This ram's horn handle is pressed into a mold to create a unique dog's head pattern in the pommel area of th knife. Paired with a 52100 blade it featuring a thumb pad embellished with the carving of a small shell. - ***SOLD***

  • HBC Sheffield trade knife inspired chef's knife

    Cumai pattern steel with figure to symbolize the northern lights. The handle is stabilized Manitoba mable burl, copper and bison horn. ***SOLD***

  • Lake Winnipeg Canted Handle Filet Knife

    Adapted handle to compensate for restricted wrist mobility, this multi-piece handled filet knife is a gem with G10, carbon fibre and epoxy resin. ***SOLD***

  • HBC 'Knive with Eyes' inspired Cleaver

    Two brass eyes and a brass bolster to embelish the walnut handle. This 5160 cleaver features a brute de forge finish with soft satin flats. ***SOLD***

  • Riding Mountain with Leather Sheath

    This client wanted something unique and opted to have 3 letters stampted into the ricasso of the blade and initials pressed into the leather sheath. The red stitching on the sheath matches the in-house stabilized Manitoba maple burl. ***SOLD***

  • Damascus Nessmuk

    Copper, Deer antler & Cocobolo handle with a beautiful sweeping staggered ladder damascus blade. ***SOLD***

Custom Knives

Rainy Day Forge's "Singular Selections" is a collection of truly unique, one-of-a-kind knives. Each knife in this collection has been carefully crafted to bring together the finest materials and a timeless design, guaranteed to impress. Whether you're looking for a work of art for your kitchen, or a one-of-a-kind hunting knife for your next outdoor adventure, RDF will satisfy your needs. Perfect for the knife enthusiast who wants to stand out. Explore the collection today and design the perfect knife that speaks to you.

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