Fire & Slice - Delivered!

Fire & Slice - Delivered!

As a filmmaker and knife maker based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, I was excited to embark on the journey of creating "Fire & Slice," a new series that explores the world of knife making. From the moment I contacted Bell/MTS about the opportunity to showcase my skills and passion for crafting unique knives, I knew this project was something special.

Throughout the filming process, I was constantly inspired by the individuals who would receive each one-of-a-kind knife. From a historian to a chef, each recipient brought their own stories and unique requirements to the table. These stories helped shape each knife, making them truly personal and special.

As a filmmaker in Winnipeg, Manitoba, I was thrilled to bring the art of knife making to life through "Fire & Slice." With the use of fire, precision, and passion, I was able to push my skills to the limit, creating something truly special for each recipient. From the hot press of the ram's horn for a French friction folder to the cryogenic treatment of stainless steel for a fillet knife, each knife was a unique masterpiece.

Finally, delivering each knife to its recipient was a truly special moment. Watching their reactions as they saw their knife for the first time was an incredible experience. I am grateful for the opportunity to bring my passion for knife making to viewers through "Fire & Slice," and I am proud to share my work with the world from my home in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

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