Spring Break Shenanigans: A Recap of What's Happened in Our Winnipeg Knife Shop

Spring Break Shenanigans: A Recap of What's Happened in Our Winnipeg Knife Shop

Spring has arrived, and at Rainy Day Forge in Winnipeg, I've been busy with a variety of tasks related to creating high-quality, custom knives. Here are some of the things that have been happening in our shop:

Family time and puppy training:

Spring break means that our family has been taking some well-deserved time off. Our new puppy, Dax has been soaking up plenty of attention, and we're happy to report that her training is going well.

Leather and sheath supplies:

In order to make more efficient use of space in the shop, I moved the leather and sheath making supplies into a new area in the house. This has been a great way to keep everything organised and easy to access for our custom knife making.

New sheath design:

We have created a new sheath design for our ULK ultralight knife and these are now available on our website. We're excited to offer this updated design to our customers who appreciate high-quality and custom knives.

Chopper Challenge:

I'm currently working on a script for the upcoming Chopper Challenge video, where I'll be making the Axe of Legacy for the Marvel character Drax. This video will showcase my skills in creating custom knives and will be a great addition to the YouTube channel.

Marvel's Drax

Knifestronomy Podcast with Ethan Blinkhorn:

Recently, I recorded a podcast with Ethan Blinkhorn of BC on finishing blades. This podcast is available on YouTube. We share our knowledge and skills with other knife enthusiasts, which is important in the custom knife making community.

Blade finishing:

I've been thinking about our blade finishing process, and have decided to focus on machine finishes for our knives unless it's a custom order. I find that the structured abrasives from Norax in combination with the VSM illumiron belts to be perfect for this. Our customers in Winnipeg and beyond appreciate the high-quality finishes we create for their custom knives.

Fire & Slice Facebook ad:

I published a Facebook ad for Fire & Slice, and have made some changes over the last few days to increase its reach and playability. I'm looking forward to seeing the results of this ad and sharing our custom knives with more people.


I recently sent out our first newsletter in months, and I'm thrilled to be connecting with the RDF subscribers once again. I hope that the subscribers appreciate the insider news and updates.

Ready to take on the world:

With all these exciting things happening, I feel ready to take on any challenge that comes my way when it comes to making high-quality, custom knives and Japanese culinary knives. My customers in Winnipeg and beyond can count on me to deliver beautiful and functional custom knives that exceed their expectations.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more updates from Rainy Day Forge, your go-to source for custom knives in Winnipeg and beyond.

Justin Lamoureux

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